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    The Strange Case of Achilles and the Tortoise, 2021

    The artworks in this gallery continue an exploration of the concept, experiments and instinctual approach to photography developed in the series by the same title launched in 2020.

    Prior to the Covid19 pandemic, I had grown increasingly convinced that Photography had reached a singularity of sorts. Image making had become inextricably aligned to Technocapitalist doctrine: it was all about constant upgrading & optimisation (the latest lens, the latest camera, the latest app, the latest operating system), to the detriment of the creative process.

    I believe this has been responsible for steadily exacerbating a well know neurological phenomenon that occurs with abundance of choice: when people are overwhelmed by choice, they choose nothing in the end.

    For better or worse, the Covid-19 pandemic introduced circumstantial constrains to our decision-making process. I embraced these early on and used them to redefine my relationship with the medium.

    These abstract artworks were produced by overlaying a variety of recent and older expendable materials I gathered from my photographic darkroom, namely test prints, contact prints, darkroom masks and other supplies I used or created to print previous works.

    These materials, as by-products of the printing process, would normally be discarded. However, in this context they were appropriated and given a new lease of life, in what represents a constrain-free, uninhibited process, liberated from any kind of technological apparatus.

    The resulting artworks can be seen as photographic ‘ready-mades’. They are intended to disrupting thinking about the photographer’s  role as a skilled creator of original handmade objects, a notion which although long obsolete in contemporary art is till pervasive in photographic circles.

  • 27° 03′ 65″ N, 14° 42′ 90″ E, Clashes between Gaddafi and rebel forces for control of the desert oasis city of Sabhã (19.06.2011)
  • 30° 26′ 6″ N, 19° 40′ 1″ Attack on a military patrol in Brega