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    The Inequalities in the Motion of the Stars, 2008

    This project consists of a collection of experimental images, produced over a period of eight years, where the camera was rendered obsolete. Notwithstanding this, it references the mechanics of the photographic/photometric process and its two most important variables/interactions: time/light.

    The images were conceived by producing reflective scans of especially produced 4×5” sheets of sticky paper, which were left in select areas of my home and studio for extended periods of time, to collect dust.

    The floating particles of dust and debris that accidentally settled on these surfaces produced incredibly abstract images.

    The action of the particles of dust as they imprinted on this surface reminded me of the way in which particles of light interact with the emulsion of the photographic film, slowly registering an image over a period of time. This serendipitous process became a simulacrum of and at the same time a substitute for the photographic process.

    The end result is a highly textured image, reminiscent of an abstract modernist panting, but which is neither a painting nor a photograph. Equally, it can be said that it is both a painting and a photograph.